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Our company provides employability based industrial learning for any age group students with any education background where students gets deep insight of the subject to become able enough for securing their future in the field. These learnings along with future security also provides chance to do certified research work on various projects that helps defense army, government administration etc., these courses are especially designed by graduates of prominent technical institutes. Our company gives 100% support for placement after the course completion if students have job requirement

We offer following things to you -
1. Industrial level Certification of all the courses
2. Courses designed by graduates of MIT(USA), IIT & Clemson University(USA)
3. World class learning standard
4. Anyone can join to master the learnings
5. Well equipped laboratories with professional tutors
6. 100% placement support by our team to everyone
7. Summer and Winter Industrial training certification free of cost to everyone with full learning




Our company provides world class robotics laboratory that consists of many different robots and drones with detailed practical classes to ensure perfect learning.

Course Details

Basic Android development

Android App development

Robotics learning involves learning of basic android studio course which helps students to communicate various devices and robots by help of mobile apps

Course Details

Basic database Development

Database Development

Robotics learning involves learning of basic database development course which helps students to communicate various devices and robots with server.

Course Details

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Course Name Levels Duration per level Perks Details Fees per level


5(You can join only for 1 level) 6 months or 1 month(Applicable) Certification, Weekends classes, lab work, 100% Placement support etc. Details(1 robot/drone per month) INR 5,000 per semester and INR 980 per month

Bestowing by Rankethon's Technical Research Innovation hubs

Our company provides practical learning package with industrial level experience that is based on the requirements of companies human resource department.

This learning establishes base for every student which helps students after 12th class i.e. if due to any case students fails to get admission in premier indian institutes then on the basis of these learnings, they can make their future bright.
Rankethon provides technical learning equivalent to the best technical institute of the country, to young school going students. So, that when these trained brains start their graduation then they uplift the current technical education and do further working on the current technologies.

This is overall helping to uplift the current technical education of the country with more innovations.
Our company provides chance to young minds of the school in research labs to innovate the new technologies by learning and using the current available technologies.

This complete learning will be used to innovate new technologies that can bring automation for defense army, Police administration, Government administration, Renewable energy sources etc.