Summer Training & Internship Details

Top quality of lab environment for summer training and internship for employment boost as 95% of engineers are not capable and still 96% of undergraduate as well as post gradute engineering students do the misuse of their summer trainings and internships, our top quality trainers provide an environment where students innovate new technology during their trainings and internship with patent and startup building support from ideation to execution.

All our training programs are designed in collaboration with our mentors from universities like IIT Kharagpur, IIT BHU, Stanford University, University of Massachussetts and IIFT Delhi. All lab programs shall be brought to you by world class innovative Rankethon Trainers.

All lab programs are of 30 days, 45 days and 60 days as per choice and availability of students but seats are fixed, if you registered and your seat is not confirmed then complete refund will be done within 24 hours.

Training/Internship Programs

Robotics lab Training

Rankethon Mentors offers you a practical lab environment during training that consists of a series of practical problems on making things that work independently: they become their own boss who can act, communicate, demonstrate and perform according to their want. Rankethon Mentor will work with you on microcontrollers to give you perfect real lifetime exposure. After this course you will be able to make a bot that can execute task for you, army, navy, farmers, government, industry and whoever you want as well as provide you great future opportunities of job in this domain.

Internet of Things (IoT) Lab

The burst of embedded explosive in our lives gave magic to us to connect every device to the internet for easy handling and more portability. The technologies which were dreamt earlier now became a reality in the real world where we can handle anything by sitting anywhere in the world. Rankethon mentors engage you to the scope of the Internet of Things and provide you in-depth learning on programming, networks, software development, hardware design and internet usage. You will learn how an idea or even a dream can become real life product by your own brain where learning is going to be advanced level. You will be working to integrate server to hardware device wirelessly over Internet in our innovation hub best suited with world class cutting edge technologies.

Civil Construction & Safety Automation Lab

Rankethon provides you a lab program that provides an environment of civil construction & safety automation in which hardware devices are made along with civil engineering concepts that monitors data of civil engineering field in relation to real world problem and operates the data over server in real time as well as autonomously machine operates at real working sites and safety is assured by automation.
Student is trained to utilise his civil engineering learning along with automation training we provide to make a unique product as a civil engineer.

Drones & GPS Aerodyanmics Lab

Beep Beep Beep Whirr! And the mechanical bird soared up and away! Indeed, Aerial Robotics is the most intriguing field in the world of Robotics. Rankethon mentor will guide to make a drone that can fly as per your desire and can act as your deputy to execute the task as per want.

Mechanical Engineering Automation Lab

Rankethon mentor trains you for doing innovation in mechanical engineering field for adopting rapidly growing automating in mechanical industry, where you work to make new innovative product with rankethon by using merge of mechanical engineering learning & automation.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) lab

Rankethon helps you to become an expert of Artificial Intelligence as that will help you to get job easily in all future scenario, in coming years there is predicted heavy rise in AI requirements. Machine learning is going to be part of normal life and there is wide range of application to this technology. You can even go for your own company by working on various AI projects and all the company at current needs an AI expert. So, getting trained on AI is going to be biggest asset for you.

Chemical Engineering Automation Lab

Rankethon Mentors provide you detailed learning and training on automation in chemical industry where automation as well as safety of gas leakage and other type of hazardous things are monitored, even all processes in chemical industry is being automated so rankethon trainer makes you world class in the field of chemical engineering as per market trends by making you understand about automation required in chemical industry.

Innovation & automation in agriculture engineering Lab

Rankethon Mentors provide you detailed learning and training in agriculture automation & various ways of smart agriculture where student is nurtured in agriculture engineering to built smart products to enhance the learning of core engineering by utilising the automation techniques in it.

Automobile Lab

Rankethon Mentors provide you detailed learning and training on working of a car where you get chance to learn and make your own dream vehicle.

Courses Designed & Reviewed by

We planned this structure by our market research of over 3 years and experiences of many professors of Indian Institute of Technology KHARAGPUR, Stanford University, University of Massachussetts & Indiana Tech, USA as well as lots of prominent mentors and leaders in field of startups helped us to plan this structure to make this good not only for employment but also for startups. 100+ IIT students gave their inputs on this program structure to design it in a way to make this program fit to fill voids present in education system to make it industry relevant

Prof. Chris Nelson

Prof. Indiana Tech, USA

Prof. Manoj Mondal


Mr. Varadrajan Krish

Managing Director ASIA & MENA, 100openstartup

Prof. Krishna Vedula

Prof. University of Massachusetts

Mr. Vinay Maheshwari

Co-Founder & Strategic Head

Mr. Abhishek Singh

BTech IIT Kharagpur & Spec. in IoT Eng. , Stanford University

Mr. Sagardeep Debbarma

BTech IIT Kharagpur

Prof. S.N. Upadhyay

Ex-Director, IIT BHU

Prof. KUM Rao

Ex-HOD IIT KHARAGPUR, Director NIT Surathkal

Prof. P.K. Mishra